Griffin the Dragon

Writer: Ken Mask, MD
Director: Ken Mask, MD

Targeted Demographic: 6-11 year-olds
Length: 11-22 minutes
Comparable products: Adventure Time, Dora the Explorer, Wild Kratts, Super Why! 


After a major earthquake 10-year-old Medieval Dragon GRIFFIN emerges into the 23rd century onto the Island of California where he makes new friends who help search for answers to why he is there and figure out how to get back home!  

Synopsis (pilot episode) 

Our four friends find themselves transported to a foreign alien world and have to rely on each other in order to make it back to the Earth. Griffin, ALEXANDRA, and JACKSON arrive at the standard Saturday morning rendezvous spot in Mid-City Park only to discover that CATTAILS is nowhere to be found. Thinking that he may still be at home, they go there. When Cattails’ mother answers the door with a frown, Jackson decides to lie and saying that they simply came for Cattails’ sport’s cap. After a few moments of uncomfortable searching they discover that their friend visited the forbidden Jump House and has been transported to the land of BAD ALIEN! Caught there in a zombie state, Cattails is dazed and    confused. The friends Griffin, Jackson and Alexandra go to save Cattails only to find themselves trapped in this forbidden world.


The show is light hearted and fun, the tone captures a sense of wonderment and intrigue in discovering the unknown, while also demonstrating how smart 10-year old kids can be! They explore the newly formed island in search of other worlds. You see California has torn away from the mainland. In these moments of discovery, they are on a never-ending roller coaster ride, both exciting and scary. Each friend becomes aware of their strengths and weaknesses as they teach each other how to navigate challenges.


Griffin the Dragon, Alexandra, Cattails, Jackson, Edmond (Griffin’s Father), and Y Wizard Y   


Wendell Pierce as Y Wizard Y   Keith David as Edmond the Dragon    James Worthy as Bad Alien

Griffin The Dragon Book