Mansa Musa

Written by Ken Mask, MD


The experiences of 14th century West African emperor Mansa Musa are explored over his life reviewing a wide range of topics.


We examine the life of the world’s richest man, Mansa Musa, an emperor from West Africa who lived in the 14th century. He was from humble means and accumulated riches by cornering the gold and salt markets.

His historic trip, Hajii to Mecca, the pilgrimage to celebrate and praise God in 1324 was a turning point in his popularity throughout the world. On this occasion, others outside of his kingdom took notice of his greatness.

This rise to greatness began as a child with the teachings of elders. These lessons were taken to heart and employed throughout his life.

He overcame many obstacles yet remained down to earth, sharing his 400+ billion dollar wealth with the masses. Along the way, he built great cities, social infrastructures, and libraries.

Mansa Musa’s kingdom stunned Oriental, Muslim, and Christian worlds with its abundance, power, and influence.